My twin pregnancy — 20 weeks

Dear Twinkles,

We had the 20 week scan on Friday.

I was quite nervous beforehand as I hadn’t felt ay movement for a couple of weeks — PLUS — this was the BIG ONE!! The anomaly scan. Even the word is terrifying… anomaly.

1. Deviation or departure from the normal or common order, form, or rule.

2. One that is peculiar, irregular, abnormal, or difficult to classify.

Amazing then, to see you both swimming about on the screen! And such a relief to be told that you’re growing nicely and everything is where it should be! :)

The sonographer was great; she explained that she wouldn’t say much, throughout the scan, as she would be concentrating on all of the measurements and checking everything off her list. She explained that if there was anything wrong, she would go through this at the end of the process.

As it was, she pointed things out as she went along… the ventricles of the heart and the chambers, the kidneys, the stomach… it was staggering! So much detail and you are both still so little! Measuring just 20cm each, you’re exactly where you should be, size wise, and everything is looking good.

I am thanking my lucky stars at the moment. I have had a relatively easy pregnancy — no sickness at all — just a little bit tired.

These two little people are growing inside of me and I am so happy they are there!! Your Daddy and I are blessed.


17 weeks pregnant with Twins… Hello from the Mothership!

Welcome to The Twinkle Diaries!

This is my very first post and today I am 17 weeks and 6 days pregnant with fraternal twins — our darling Twinkles :)

It’s been a long, long journey to get to this point, but little by little I’m starting to believe that this is actually happening and my boy and I are finally going to be parents.

I have been dithering for some time about whether I should start a blog, charting my pregnancy. I was too scared to, at first… it was almost like tempting fate and I was convinced that if I started to get too comfortable with the notion that I was pregnant, it would all start to unravel again and I would lose these precious babies.

We had a consultant’s appointment yesterday and the midwife let us hear the Twinkles heartbeats with a doppler… amazing to think that my body has 3 heartbeats at the moment! I am like Dr Who (actually, I think he only had two!).

Everything is looking really positive; my belly is growing as it should and — apart from stuffy sinuses — I am feeling really well and happy. I am booked in for my 20 week scan in 10 days time. That’s the biggie and will show whether the babies are healthy and have no problems. I am keeping everything crossed that they’ll pass their tests with flying colours. I love these Twinkles more than words can say, even though they are only currently the size of two sweet potatoes! What an impact these tiny people are having on our lives — and they’ve not even been born yet!