My twin pregnancy — 34 weeks

Hello Twinkle-Pinkles!

We had the 34 week scan on Monday – you had both grown another half a pound, making the pair of you just one ounce under a chunky 5lb each!!! Well done! Your momma is proud of you… KEEP GROWING!!!!

(Poor babies! If they grown much more, they will literally have no room whatsoever!!)

Each time we see them on the ultrasound now, we cannot believe how little space there is!! Just a mass of limbs and two little heads, side by side… utterly gorgeous! ♥

We went to a ‘raising twins’ seminar on Saturday, organised by Tamba (the Twin and Multiple Birth Association).

‘Seminar’ sounds a bit dry, but it was fantastic… really useful and interesting, I’m so glad we went. It only cost a fiver and was so much more useful than anything I’ve read in a magazine or book.

Having advice from real parent’s of twins is invaluable. All of my friends have children and have been really generous with their advice but you suddenly realise — when you speak to parents of multiples — that most of the advice from parents of singletons (albeit very well-meaning) is totally irrelevant. There seems to be such a different way of doing EVERYTHING when you have more that one baby at a time. I’m looking forward to trying out my new knowledge when they arrive… not long to wait now either!! The babies are due three weeks today!! THREE WEEKS TODAY!!!!!! I still almost can’t believe that it’s really happening.

We’ve waited SO long to be parents and have had so many troubles and heartbreaks along the way; I had almost given up hope.  And now we are less than a month away from meeting our little friends for life.

It was funny at the seminar!! The lady who, was facilitating, asked if everyone had everything sorted and had bought their buggies and car seats etc… I was the furthest along in my pregnancy, but we were the ONLY ones who had not bought ours!! OOPS. Everyone else was nodding sagely and looking smug that they (by the looks of it) not only had their travel systems sorted but a beautifully decorated nursery brimming with everything you could possibly need for two newborn babies too!! Our poor babies don’t have a proper room yet! My office is nearly a nursery though now… if you ignore the desk, computer and battle-ship sized printer that’s standing in the middle of the room!! My boy painted it last weekend and we started to hang the wallpaper too…  didn’t finish, mind you, as we were short by one roll (one roll!! Arrrghh) but the sentiment was there! This weekend is full on action stations and ‘OPERATION NURSERY’ will begin tomorrow morning. Hopefully by, this time, next week the Twinkles will have a room to call their own!

Til next time xxx


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