10 weeks and 6 days

Tomorrow my boys will be 11 weeks old! Time has absolutely flown… I can’t believe how much they’ve grown and how things are changing, literally, day by day. 2 weeks ago, they were waking once in the night to feed … Continue reading

The Twinkles are 9 weeks old!

Dear diary,

Wow — my life has been turned on it’s head since I last wrote!!

My darling Twinkles are 9 weeks old today.

The day after my last post — 13.03.13 — I had two beautiful baby boys.

Bertram Joseph Orion was born at 11.52am, weighing 5lb 2oz and his brother, Cosmo George Russell, was born one minute later at 11.53am weighing 5lb 7oz. They are perfect in every way and I am totally besotted.

My boy and I are a brilliant team — Richard has been an incredible daddy to these boys in the short time they’ve been here :) Because I am rubbish at getting up in the middle of the night and going back to sleep (once I’ve been woken, I tend to stay awake for hours) Richard is doing the 3.30am feed. I am one lucky girl.

Things have been crazy — it’s as though these two little people have always been in our lives, yet we’re experiencing the joys of parenthood for the very first time.

I feel blessed.