15 weeks and 6 days…

So today I’ve decided to pluck up the courage to try out a new routine.

Since they were born, the babies have been feeding every 3 hours but I’ve decided that I should try to stretch this out to 3 and a half, so today their schedule is looking something like this…

7am — wake and feed

8am — back to bed

10am — wake

11am — feed

11.30am — back to bed

1.30pm — wake

2pm — feed

3pm — back to bed

5pm — wake

5.45pm – 6.15pm — bath

6.30 — feed

7pm — bed

Until 10.30 for the last feed….


It’s now quarter to four and so far so good.

Bit nervous about the next bit though; I CANNOT imagine them sleeping until 5 but hey! They amaze and surprise me every single day, so there’s every possibility that they might!

Will write again tomorrow with an update!




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