16 weeks and 6 days…

So. I tried the new schedule.

As predicted, the Twinkles are really not keen on sleeping from 3pm until 5pm in the afternoon. This part of the routine is an epic fail…

I tried the new schedule for a couple of days, but on each day either one — or both — twins woke at around 4pm. Bertie was so miserable that I decided not to carry on and go back to our tried and tested method!

We’ve been doing the existing routine for weeks now and everyone is happy. The babies are well fed and well rested and, as a result, rarely cry. PLUS they sleep through the night from 11pm until we wake them at 7am next morning.

All of these books/websites/health visitors that ‘advise’ a baby should be going 4 hours between feeds should come with a caveat*

*may not suit every child.

After all, WHO is it benefiting? Is it so the mother has more time to herself? Or is there some medical reason. Not sure, but my babies clearly are not ready yet.

Having said that, as they were born at 36 weeks they are technically 4 weeks behind a baby born at 40 weeks, so maybe they are a little behind.

The current routine is:

7am — wake and feed

8am — back to bed

10am — wake

10.30am — feed

11.00am — back to bed

1.00pm — wake

1.30pm — feed

2pm — back to bed

3.30pm — wake

4.00pm — feed

5pm — back to bed

6.00pm — wake (play or a bath a couple of times a week)

6.30 — feed

7pm — bed

Until 10.30 for the last feed….

This is magic and works so well. Think we’ll carry on for a couple of weeks and try again on another day.

Righto. Better go and get ready for the next feed



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