28 weeks and 5 days| Fast Day Number 4

It’s Monday again…

I was just reminded of last week’s post and thought I’d write an update. Following last Monday’s rant, I decided I wasn’t going to upset myself any further by enforcing another fast day on Thursday — as it suggests in the book — as I figured the reason I wasn’t losing any weight was because the ‘feast’ days ended up exactly that. Me eating anything and everything I could get my hands on! Almost as a knee-jerk reaction for having been deprived for a couple of days; basically I think I was making up for lost time ;)

So the 5:2 diet has sort of morphed into the 6:1 diet… and guess what?

I stepped on the scales this morning and I’d lost just over 3lb. Hurrah! Seems that just one day of fasting suits me better than two. Happy days :) I am happy to watch my calorific intake slightly during the week (whilst still eating like a pig on the weekend) and the fast day is fairly easy now I know that I only have to suffer it once every week.

To be honest, even if I lose just a pound a week that is a result. I do not want to crash diet — I just want to lose the baby Snickers weight gradually, so I know that it will be gone for good and there’s no chance of piling it all back on again the week after Christmas.

Diet update over, now on to my precious babies…

This weekend saw yet another milestone in the life of my boys!

They are now ‘officially’ eating ‘solids’.

Still not quite what I’d describe as ‘solid’ food — ie chips, cake, chocolate, pie, etc — as the texture was still a little mushy, for my taste. Buy hey! It was vegetable matter, rather than wallpaper paste baby rice.

So the Twinkles have now sampled peas, broccoli, sweet potato, apples, banana, prunes, pears, all in various states of puréed loveliness. Nice.

I LOVE watching their little faces as they take a spoonful!!! There are some hilarious expressions going on. I WISH I had a hand free, so I could video them. I’d make a fortune on ‘You’ve Been Framed’.

Joking aside, it is a very humbling thought to know that each and every spoonful of something new is an absolute first for these little boys. They have been drinking milk for their whole lives, so a spoonful of pear or carrot must be very strange indeed. So exciting to think of all these ‘firsts’ that they are going to experience. And I am going to be witness to each and every one.

Makes me so happy I could burst :)








28 weeks and 2 days| Happy Friday & The Lurgy :)


I think ‘teething gate’ has been averted. At least for another week possibly :)

Cosmo slept like a baby last night — if you’ll pardon the pun. Needless to say, his father, brother and I were pretty relieved and everyone benefited from a good night’s sleep.

I woke them up, this morning, at 7.15am. Both babies were out for the count and still in the land of nod. Not sure how my boy and I ever ended up so lucky; to have — not one — but TWO little ones who love their sleep? Long may it continue.

The Twinkles and I went to a Macmillan coffee morning today with a good friend of mine. We were hailed by a lady from the village, who I greeted with a kiss on both cheeks and stroked the head of her little boy… who she then casually mentioned may have Chickenpox. Oh.

Dickie has not had Chickenpox and, as an adult, it’s a horrendous thing to catch. I had it at 16 — really badly — and felt so, so ill. The spots were everywhere; and I mean EVERYWHERE.

It makes me laugh that it is touted as a ‘mild childhood illness’. MILD? A cold is mild. A sore throat is mild. Chickenpox — certainly when I had them — is NOT mild! I had a fever, felt like death and was covered head-to-toe —  inside and out — in the itchiest, most vile lesions I’ve ever seen — I still bear the scars of them. So I definitely wouldn’t class it as mild… especially as 25 people die, in the UK, every year from Chickenpox.

The UK is one of the few European nations that doesn’t vaccinate against it. The US and Australia already do, so I’m not sure why we’re so far behind the curve.

Childhood illnesses are a bloody menace. It’s bad enough for a child to get one, but when the poor parents have missed out the first time round, then are faced with catching one in adulthood, it’s awful. We are going to find a private clinic and get Dickie (and maybe the twins, if they can get to 12 months old without catching it) immunised against it.

As Dickie runs his own business , when you are self employed, being ill for any length of time isn’t really an option. And when you are the only breadwinner in the family, earning a crust for a wife, who’s on maternity leave, and two tiny babies, it is downright disastrous.

PLUS, I don’t really want the Twinkles to catch Chickenpox at just 6 months of age. They are just too little!! The thought of their perfect, tiny little bodies being covered in horrible itching sores makes me want to cry!! :(

Why do people take their children out to social gatherings when they have/might have the lurgy?? I just don’t get it.

I had a look at the NHS website, hoping it would put my mind at rest. I had assumed it would say something like ‘you can only catch it if you have swapped bodily fluids or, at the very least, touched the infected person’ but, no… what it said was:

‘If you’re not immune to chickenpox, you can easily catch it through close contact with someone who has it, such as:

  • face-to-face contact, for example, having a conversation with someone who has chickenpox, or
  • being in the same room as someone who has chickenpox for at least 15 minutes.

The virus can spread through the air, in tiny droplets of saliva and mucus from an infected person.

Chickenpox can also be passed on by touching the fluid from an infected person’s blisters.’

WHAT????? In the same room for 15 minutes??? We were in the same room for about an hour!!!!!!

Am keeping everything crossed for the next two weeks that they haven’t caught it. Fingers, eyes, legs, arms, ears…

Because if they have, there’s a possibility that I could have THREE boys in the house all with the dreaded lurgy!!!

Saints preserve us.

28 weeks and 1 day

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27 weeks and 6 days | Chirpy Tuesday!

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27 weeks and 5 days | Miserable Monday

Bleurgh. Today is a rubbish day.

I woke up feeling cross, have subsequently felt cross all morning and, 5-something hours later, STILL feel cross.

I think know that this feeling of annoyance has been kick started by ‘dieting depression’…

I spoke to a friend a few weeks ago who had started the wondrous 5:2/FAST Diet. She was singing it’s praises and made it sound really straightforward and manageable. Plus — having done a little bit more research — the health benefits sound truly excellent.

So, as a result, I have completed two weeks of the said diet and not lost ONE SINGLE POUND.


Dieting — generally — makes me feel pretty miserable. I LOVE food!! I LOVE eating and drinking and to be honest, depriving oneself of the pleasurable things in life, generally makes one feel a bit rubbish.

That said, if I’d lost a couple of pounds each week (as promised in the 5:2 book) I would probably be swinging from the chandeliers now and this post would be bathed in a much different light.

My beautiful Twinkles are now over 6 months old, so to keep hiding behind the fact that I’ve ‘just given birth’ is pretty hard to do, since half a year has whizzed by since that event actually happened.

I put on a lot of weight in pregnancy. And when I say a ‘lot’ I mean a LOT! Granted, I was carrying two babies — PLUS all of the gubbins that comes with it; placentas, water, amniotic fluid etc etc… but I also used the fact that I was pregnant as a pink ticket to enable me to eat whatever I wanted. Cake, biscuits, chocolate — and a Snickers bar a day, does not a svelte woman make! ;)

At the time I was in denial and had all but convinced myself that it was just baby weight, but 6 months on, I am having to now face up to the facts that the left over ‘baby weight’ most probably consists of chocolate, caramel and peanuts. Plus a whole heap of other tasty treats that weld themselves to your backside, like glue, the minute they’ve passed your lips.

Weight loss is hard going. And the thought of 9 months of calorie counting or, at the very least, ‘watching what I’m eating’ is enough to put me in a very bad mood. Because after all, it took 9 months for the weight to go on, it stands to reason that it will need a similar time to come off. Hence today’s grumpy diary entry.

I put 4 and a half stone on during my pregnancy — FOUR AND A HALF STONE!!! — and still have 2 to lose, before I’m back to the weight that I was before I fell pregnant.

At this moment in time, it feels like an overwhelming task. And I can’t bear thinking about it.

The only problem is, if I don’t start doing something about it fairly soon, I can just see my weight creeping up and up until the ‘overwhelming task’ is an insurmountable one. I am already the heaviest I have ever been, prior to becoming pregnant.

I really thought that the 5:2 diet was the answer, but it seems it’s not the regime for me.

2 starvation fast days a week probably meant that I was making up for it on the other 5 days. I think that that is the issue. Despite the book saying that you can eat what you like for the other 5 days… hmm… I’m not sure that cupcakes and chocolate are what they had in mind.

Which makes me think that I’d rather calorie count for all 7 days a week, rather than starve myself for 2, then calorie count for the other 5. At least I wouldn’t be hallucinating and grumpy on a Monday and Thursday.

I am going to give the 5:2 diet one more week and then I am ditching it for Weightwatchers.


27 weeks and 2 days | Procrastination Friday

OK, so it’s Friday.

Got lots to do today but, as ever, if there’s important things to do, I seem to bugger about doing the trivial stuff. Time spent with the babies aside (which I don’t see as trivial BTW) is my favourite way of wasting time. The only thing is, it seems to take up a LOT of time.

So far I have:

  • Got up
  • Fed the babies
  • Changed the babies
  • Played with the babies
  • Had a shower
  • Tweezed my eyebrows
  • Read my Twitter feed
  • Read my FB feed
  • Changed the babies
  • Played with the babies
  • Eaten a pear

That’s it so far. Not doing too well.

I have 20 things on my ‘Important List’ and haven’t managed to tick one off yet.

From the above list of ‘things I have actually managed to achieve today’, there are only 5 items on there that aren’t Twinkle related and I’m not sure that ‘tweezing my eyebrows’ could be classed as important.

Best get on then…

27 weeks | or 6 months and one week if you prefer it…

Today I stumbled across a blog written by a girl who has just been given the news she’s expecting twins — well, a week ago, but that’s not very long at all to get your head around something so enormous.

She had written a list of questions, similar to the kind of things I would agonise over when I was pregnant.

So I figured I’d sit down and reply. Because after all, I am an ‘authority’ on the subject now! ;) OK. Perhaps an ‘authority’ is a bit strong. But I do have a little bit of experience. And I wish someone had answered all these questions for me when I was pregnant.

Basically the questions and answers go something like this…

1. Sleeping arrangements. You can put two babies in one moses basket, they have their feet at each end and their heads are in the middle. Fine. Efficient. Cosy. But how do you know they’re going to fit? How do you know they’re going to like sharing a bed? From what I’ve read, it seems that their sleeping arrangements in hospital will play a large part in this. So do I just buy one basket, and then if they don’t like sharing a bed send the husband rushing out to buy another one the day we get home? Leaving me on my own with two tiny babies? Or do I buy two anyway? I guess they won’t both fit in one forever, so sooner or later we would need another one…

Get two Moses baskets — the babies might start off weeny-tiny but they grow VERY FAST.

Also, ours have been in their own room since day 2. They are so noisy, there was never any chance of getting a second of shut-eye with them in our room. We put the Moses baskets in the cots — rather than on stands — so that when they grew out of them it wouldn’t be such a big deal. After all, I figured that I didn’t want them to get used to being rocked to sleep… this may seem like a novel thing to do when they are first born, but you don’t want to be doing it for the next 12 years. Settling themselves to sleep, in a stationary, non-rocking bed, seemed like the way forward.

And they have been sleeping though the night since they were 9 weeks old, so we must be doing something right!

2) Feeding time at the zoo. I plan to breastfeed, for various reasons – one of them financial, another weight-loss related. And it’s good for the babies I guess. What if they both want feeding at the same time? Do you feed them at the same time? One baby per boob? Breastfeeding in public is fine, but I bet I get more looks for having two on the go. And does this mean my boobies make twice as much milk? Do they know?

Your boobs work on a supply and demand basis. The more you feed, the more they produce. They are clever — and spookily, they DO seem to know…

Get an EZ2 Twin Nursing Pillow* (the foam one, not the blow up one). They look awful, but they work. I breastfed my boys in tandem for 12 weeks, and am still using it now I’m bottle feeding. It is, without question, the most useful thing that we bought. I got mine off Ebay; it’s covered in a lurid fabric, with revolting multi-coloured cats on it. But it works. And I wouldn’t have survived the last 6 months without it.

I think that the Harmony cushion is similar — but probably less offensive on the eyes. That said, I wouldn’t swap my cushion for the world.

*I wrote a review on ‘Designed For Twins’ http://www.designedfortwins.co.uk/reviews-for-ez2-nurse-twins-breast-feeding-pillow/

3) Child allowance. Benefits. Whatever they’re called. Someone told me that if you have twins, you get less for the second sprog. Is this true?! If so it is absolutely insane! Way to give one child a complex! I know they obviously won’t know how much the benefits are, but still.

True. And yes, I had the exact same thoughts… I find it quite upsetting that my first born is worth more (in monetary terms) than his brother. Who incidentally was born in the same minute. Unfair, but hey! At least you’re getting some free cash.

It goes a little way to pay for the mountain of nappies they get through.

4) Spatial arrangements. The buggy won’t fit in the house. Our front door opens into the living room, which then leads on to the kitchen. Our front room will be full of buggy. This is crazy. And it will have to be a beast, because it’ll need to sit two car-seats. Or do I get one that’s not an all in one jobby? The car-seats can just stay in my car, I guess. Surely it’s no easier lifting a baby in a car-seat in and out of a car, than just the baby itself? But then when you’re inside, where do you put the kid? Ah. I’ve spotted a flaw in this plan. There will be two kids…so I would need two resting places. So maybe I should just get a pram with car-seats…

We live in a cottage. We don’t have a hall. We have a front door with a stupid angled bit that leads to another door. I can’t get a buggy through either. Basically, what I’m saying is, get used to the fact that your living space will start to resemble a Mothercare showroom.

Initially, you’ll want to put the babies in the seats, before you put them in the car. This proves to be MUCH easier than trying to put them in the seat, IN the car. Having tried to do this, I know from experience, you’ll end up with a cricked neck (or a bruised head) and the baby will cry because you’re trying to squash him in at a funny angle. Not funny ‘ha-ha’ either.

At least he won’t think so.

5) This leads me onto my next point. How on earth do you know which buggy is the right one for you? I guess in one way I’m lucky (ha!) in that there aren’t so many twin buggies, so at least that narrows it down. The only thing I am certain of, is the moses basket I want. And yes, it’s the most expensive one Mothercare do. And it’s only compatible with a particular stand. But it’s a rocking one, which is quite nice.

We looked at LOADS of buggies, but in the end we went for the BabyJogger City Select Tandem; AKA The BattleBus. It’s HUGE when the carry-cots are on it but, even then, it’s still as thin as a normal single buggy — just a bit longer. It is awesome. It squashes down to next-to-nothing with the most amazing fold action. Everything pops off really easily — even the wheels — and the frame and all it’s necessary bits and pieces fit into my little boot. I have a Citroen C3, so it’s not bad for a buggy that looks ENORMO when it’s erected. Go and test drive it… it’s fab.

We use Maxi-Cosi car seats with it — currently, the babies are too small to use the buggy seats, so we use the car seats on the frame or the carry-cots. It has an epic turning circle too (you could spin it on a 50p piece). All in all we are chuffed to bits with it… it was expensive, but worth every penny.

6) The actual birth. I had my booking appointment today, and my next scan is the 15th October. Now, sooner or later, they’re going to start asking me how I want to have these little people coming out of me. I’ve said all along that I’m having a caesarian, even before I was pregnant. And people tried to put me off, saying that you can’t do anything for weeks, you can’t drive, you can’t lift the sprog…which makes you think it would be twice as hard having twins. But then if it was that much of a problem, they wouldn’t give you one, would they! The alternative makes me feel physically sick. The thought of certain things ripping, the other involuntary bodily function that happens at the same time…the stitching back up…the general agonizing pain of your insides clawing their way out of your vagina…Scars fade, you know what I’m saying? Bio-oil works wonders.

I haven’t missed one here… just thought that my next reply answered both questions… keep reading :)

7) The unpredictability of the whole birth thing. The last person I know who popped one out planned on having a home birth. She ended up in hospital. With a caesarian. So is there really any point in planning these things? What if I decide I want a caesarian, but then they come early? And what if I plan for a natural birth (yeah right) and it all goes tits up and they have to cut me open anyway? It all seems fairly fluid if you ask me. Pardon the pun.

Answers to 6 & 7:
If your babies are anything like mine, they will dictate the birth. I had a lovely flowery image of a natural birth — perhaps in a birthing pool. That said, my boys were transverse (lying across me) practically the whole of my pregnancy; they looked like they were in bunk-beds. Until Twin 1 decided to turn — breech — at the the last minute.

My consultant had already put me down for a planned c-section though, so that was how it was. No water’s breaking. No sweating, panting, or ripping. Actually, the whole thing (if you can call someone slicing you open, this) was pretty cool. As experiences go, it was good. Calm, quick and life changing. Quite amazing — and pretty emotional —to meet my beautiful boys at the end of it.

8) The hospital bag. This is a really stupid thing to be stressing about, especially at this stage of the game. But a lot of what they recommend you have in there, are things that you’re going to need right up until you leave. And when you leave, all sweaty and panty and disgusting, how are you supposed to remember, “oh wait, I need my phone charger sweetheart. And can you grab my toothbrush?” There are going to be lists ALL OVER the house.

The hospital bag needs another 1000 words to itself. I guess it totally depends if you do have a natural birth or a c-section. I can’t comment on the former, but have a great list for the latter. I will send it to you on another day (my fingers are currently starting to turn blue by typing this monologue to you).

9) The waters breaking. Especially if this happens at home. Say it happens in the middle of the night. You’re charging off to hospital, leaving a soaking wet mattress behind. Chances are you’ll be away for at least one night. So the mattress is still wet. Our bed has wooden slats. Do the maths. And I don’t want to put anyone off their dinner, but does this stuff smell? How do you even clean a mattress? I think I will be researching this, and doing it as quickly as possible before we leave. Think Bree Van der Kamp making the bed while her husband’s downstairs having a heart attack, waiting for her to take him to hospital. Or do people just use a plastic sheet the closer they get to the due date? I think that option would annoy the husband less than me flapping at him with a bottle of Dettol and a pair of Marigolds mid-contraction.

I can’t obviously comment on this from personal experience. However, my sister got up in the middle of the night to pee and her waters broke when she was on the loo — lucky — but my friend had her baby at home (unplanned) and totally ruined their very expensive Tempur mattress with various bodily fluids. Apologies if you’re eating when you read this. The insurance company wouldn’t pay out either, due to some clause in the small-print.

Not so lucky.

Basically, unless you’re having a planned section (and your babies don’t make an early appearance), I think it’s the luck of the draw.

10) The only thing that’s not actually terrifying me is the parenting part. Making sure they both get enough attention, feeding them (once they’re off the boob), keeping them clean, washing their clothes, telling them off, reading them stories, teaching them to ride their bikes, baking cakes with them…shame I have to get through the rest of this list before the good stuff starts.

Don’t write the baby years off before they’re even here!!!

I was nervous throughout my pregnancy — having had losses in the past — but I had an amazing 9 months. I luckily had no morning sickness. At all.

I had the fear about stretch-marks too; after all, my belly could have housed a small village by the time the babies were due. Invest in some Mama Mio Tummy Rub oil. Amazing stuff, I didn’t get one stretch-mark.

I was a lot little anxious about the c-section and bought numerous books on the subject. I needn’t have bothered. See 6&7.

Finally, motherhood is fantastic. Motherhood with twins is REALLY fantastic. And a privilege. Don’t get me wrong… it’s hard work and you sort of feel as though every day is Groundhog Day — especially in the first few weeks — but, all in all, it’s the best buzz ever. Two little people beaming up at you when you come into a room. That is magic.

Congratulations to you both. Being parents to twins is the best thing ever :)

Caro x

26 weeks and 5 days | The Twinkles have been with us for half a year!

I cannot believe how quickly time seems to be going. It’s as though someone has pressed the fast forward button on my life and everything is double the speed. The babies have just celebrated their 6 month birthday!! It certainly … Continue reading

26 weeks today!

This week has seen a landmark milestone! On Saturday, we gave the boys their first ‘solid’ food. I say ‘solid’ — it was baby rice which is neither solid or really food for that matter!

Whatever. It wasn’t milk and that’s all that matters.

Yesterday I gave them baby porridge; a slight improvement on the previous offering, as it was flavoured with strawberry and banana. This was greatly received! Bert had it all over his face, looking — very sweetly — like a stereotypical baby whilst eating. Lovely. Made my heart sing.

The Cosmonaut wasn’t as impressed as his brother… oddly, I think he preferred the baby rice. 

This week has also seen Cosmo rolling over!

Really freaked me out to begin with, as I would leave him on his mat to play — whilst I washed their bottles or something equally as exciting — then upon my return would see him almost across the other side of the room!! Initially I thought he’d secretly learnt to crawl and was a bit bashful about showing off his new skill, but having watched him, he is rolling over onto his front and thrashing about a bit. This is repeated a few times until he manages to move to the toy he’s has his eye on. Good skills — I am very proud :)

Bertie isn’t at all interested in moving yet. I put him onto his front and he flounders about, then gets cross because he ends up with his face in the rug. I am not going to push him at all though. The longer it takes for them to do things, the better for me… after all, I waited a long time for these babies, so I’m really happy to let them be babies — and enjoy watching them grow — for as long as possible.

Everybody is in such a rush these days. We live in a digital age whereby we can have (almost) whatever we want, wherever we want it. And children don’t seem to be children for very long. I think it’s sad to see new parents rushing their little ones — ‘roll over’, ‘sit up’, ‘try to crawl’ — this time is so finite, such a tiny part of their lives, that it seems a shame not to relish every second and let them find their own way, at their own pace.

It might well be that Bertie doesn’t crawl/walk/run at the same time as his brother, but he will do it eventually. And I’m sure, when they are in adulthood, it won’t matter who managed to sit up or crawl first. They will both be lovely grown up men, with their own skills and their own identities. Let that be a long time in coming, I am relishing this baby stage.