26 weeks today!

This week has seen a landmark milestone! On Saturday, we gave the boys their first ‘solid’ food. I say ‘solid’ — it was baby rice which is neither solid or really food for that matter!

Whatever. It wasn’t milk and that’s all that matters.

Yesterday I gave them baby porridge; a slight improvement on the previous offering, as it was flavoured with strawberry and banana. This was greatly received! Bert had it all over his face, looking — very sweetly — like a stereotypical baby whilst eating. Lovely. Made my heart sing.

The Cosmonaut wasn’t as impressed as his brother… oddly, I think he preferred the baby rice. 

This week has also seen Cosmo rolling over!

Really freaked me out to begin with, as I would leave him on his mat to play — whilst I washed their bottles or something equally as exciting — then upon my return would see him almost across the other side of the room!! Initially I thought he’d secretly learnt to crawl and was a bit bashful about showing off his new skill, but having watched him, he is rolling over onto his front and thrashing about a bit. This is repeated a few times until he manages to move to the toy he’s has his eye on. Good skills — I am very proud :)

Bertie isn’t at all interested in moving yet. I put him onto his front and he flounders about, then gets cross because he ends up with his face in the rug. I am not going to push him at all though. The longer it takes for them to do things, the better for me… after all, I waited a long time for these babies, so I’m really happy to let them be babies — and enjoy watching them grow — for as long as possible.

Everybody is in such a rush these days. We live in a digital age whereby we can have (almost) whatever we want, wherever we want it. And children don’t seem to be children for very long. I think it’s sad to see new parents rushing their little ones — ‘roll over’, ‘sit up’, ‘try to crawl’ — this time is so finite, such a tiny part of their lives, that it seems a shame not to relish every second and let them find their own way, at their own pace.

It might well be that Bertie doesn’t crawl/walk/run at the same time as his brother, but he will do it eventually. And I’m sure, when they are in adulthood, it won’t matter who managed to sit up or crawl first. They will both be lovely grown up men, with their own skills and their own identities. Let that be a long time in coming, I am relishing this baby stage.


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