27 weeks and 6 days | Chirpy Tuesday!

Amazing what a bit of decent food can do to improve your mood :)

Whilst I haven’t pigged out today — following yesterday’s starvation fast — I have been able to eat what I want, when I want.

For example.

For breakfast today, I had a bowl of porridge and a slice of granary toast with peanut butter. As opposed to fresh air.

And as I type I am eating an apple and a slice of cheese; yesterday, a ‘treat’ would have consisted of a teaspoon of Bovril in hot water. Do you see where I’m coming from??

Not that I have anything derogatory to say about Bovril. I LOVE the stuff. But I generally prefer it on a slice of hot buttered toast…

So today has been a good day.

Bertie and Cosmo have been amusing themselves between the Fisher Price jungle floor mat and the Jumperoo.

We were given the mat, but the Jumperoo was an Ebay purchase… a bit of a whim initially, as I had never actually seen one in real life, but my friend was always mentioning that her baby fell asleep in his (no bad thing, surely?!). So I looked for one that was for sale really near by — so we could collect — but in fact the woman selling it dropped it off, as she was only in the next village. Result.

It has been the best £45 I’ve spent in years! Who knew that a big lump of bouncing, garish plastic could give so much pleasure and entertainment to a pair of 6 month old babies?

It was hilarious to watch them at first — as they clearly had no idea what they were supposed to be doing — but week by week they suddenly figured out what their legs were for and hey-presto! They started to bounce.

It’s also good for their balance and strength too, so all-in-all,  a brilliant buy. Plus you can leave them for a while and they are completely engrossed in what they’re doing and safe.

Which reminds me… must go and rescue Bertie!

Until next time x


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