29 weeks and 2 days| 5 good things

Good news all round this week.

1. The chickenpox scare was indeed just that. A scare. The little boy in question did not develop the dreaded pox and all was well in the world :)

2. My stomach muscles are starting to remember what they are for.

I have been going back to Pilates — after a 6 month break — and, initially, was a little concerned that my muscles had indeed vanished — along with my figure — but it seems that they were just playing hide and seek. I know this, because today I can feel them…. and they are complaining. A lot. Ouch.

3. The babies are doing REALLY well with weaning*!! This makes me very happy indeed.

4. I picked the first ripe pear off our tree — and it was delicious.

5. It’s Friday and from the end of play today, my boy is off work for a WHOLE WEEK!!! YAY! The thought of a whole week together with my three boys is a very satisfying one. I wish we could win the lottery so Dickie didn’t have to go to work at all. Hanging out with my husband has always been — and still is — one of my very favourite things.

*I keep meaning to write some more about the boys weaning schedule — so I can remember what we did in the future. Not that I’m planning on having any more little people, but you never know… ;)

Will post more when I have 5 minutes.


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