37 weeks today! | Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat…

I’m not normally one for wishing my life away but I’m so glad we’re into another week!

Last week was a nightmare ‘challenging’ to say the least.

The whole of our little family was ill, for the first time since the babies have arrived. Following a couple weeks of sore throats and generally feeling rubbish, last Sunday was the worst day for me; I felt horrendous. Luckily, my lovely boy took over and I was left to sleep in past the babies breakfast time. Thankfully I think that did the trick, as I’ve been feeling better as the week’s been going on.

Bertie finally cut his first tooth last Thursday. Because he was ill, I didn’t even realise that his grumpiness was down to teething! I just assumed it was because he was feeling under the weather. And yesterday saw the eruption of his second tooth :)

Both my Twinkles have now got two little front teeth in the lower jaw.

Cosmo — not satisfied with crawling — has already started to pull himself up, on the furniture, to get a better look at things he’s interested in. He’s still not sitting up completely unaided, so I think it’s incredible that he’s well on the way to walking already — such a scary prospect! The health visitor, who came to check them the other week, said that it was fairly unusual for a baby to crawl before sitting up by themselves. I can’t believe that for a second as I have two that are doing it. I think it must be fairly common.

I got an email from Not On The High Street on Monday, telling me that there’s 5 weeks to go until Christmas and I’ve got to make sure my products and my storefront is all up to date!! I was grateful for the alert — not so much for the sale of my products etc — but the fact that I haven’t started any of my own Christmas shopping! Unbelievable that Christmas is just around the corner again! This year has flown by.

It made me start thinking about presents and what we could buy for the babies, as this is their very first Christmas .

We know a couple who literally bought everything they could think of, the first year that their much longed for first baby arrived. It seemed like such a waste of money to me. I totally get that once this little person (or ‘people’ in our case) finally arrives, the urge to lavish them with gifts is very strong;  almost like making up for all the years that you were trying to conceive. But really?

An 8 month old baby is more interested in the wrapping paper — or the box — than the actual gift itself.

But equally we do want to give them more than a cardboard box and some bubble wrap!

I am buying a wooden Brio train-set off a friend. The proceeds go to charity — their local village pre-school — and the price was fair, so I figured that — whilst they’re a little young to enjoy it just yet — it would be a good investment for when they’re a bit older.

And I have seen these beautiful, personalised, books — a one-off, printed for each child — with a story featuring their own names. From what I understand,  each book is based on the little boy or girl who’s been lucky enough to receive it. The story begins by telling that the child has lost his/her name, so they go on a mission to find it; collecting letters from all sorts of creatures along the way, until finally they have their name back! The pictures look beautiful and the reviews look good too. This will be a great present. They LOVE storytime and this will be a great way of teaching them to spell their own names too. The perfect gift for them — and us too, as we will have fun reading the books to them.

But apart from that… I am struggling to think of anything more fun than a HUGE cardboard box and some wrapping paper :) The simple things are always the most fun after all!

What have other people bought for their babies first Christmas? Answers on a postcard, all suggestions gratefully received.


36 weeks and 2 days | Adult Tantrums

So today I read a tweet from one of the lovely mamas I follow on Twitter and it really made me laugh…

Her tweet simply read:

‘Teen asked if I would go shop & drop her roll for lunch, I agree to if she makes bed… flings self on floor at the unfairness of it all.’

This led to the following Twitter conversation between us both:

Me: It IS unfair though isn’t it? I mean, I HATE having to make beds every day! Maybe I should hurl myself on the floor too?!’

Birdie: I wish I could fling myself on the floor everytime I had to make dinner. But they would probably just climb on me to get biscuits!

Me: HA! I think I may start a trend in adult tantrums :) Get on the floor and beat my fists when something’s not going my way :D

Birdie: I shall join you!!! Waaaaaaah!! 

Me: Hahahahahahaha! WAAAAAAAAAAAH! *Hurls self on ground and beats fists* Wow! I feel SO much better for that! :) #adulttantrum

Birdie: Now that was a tantrum!! I am in awe! *goes off to practice throwing self on ground* #adulttantrum

Which reminded me of the following advert.

I clearly remember it being on TV and being very impressed by the way the mother handles her child’s attitude. And even though it was fictional, I could just imagine a real woman, in a real supermarket doing exactly this.

And even back then — way before the promise of any children were on my horizon — I had decided that one day in the future, I would do exactly this if the opportunity ever arose.

So my final tweet on the subject was this:

Me: This is how I have decided I shall handle my twin’s tantrums when they get a little older… ;)

And I sent her the following clip…

After all these years it still has the same impact on me!

I especially the look on the mother’s face; it says: ‘See? I can do it too — but on a MUCH BIGGER SCALE’. Genius.

I hope, naturally, that my beautiful baby boys will never give me cause to act in such a manner, but if they ever do… be warned… this may just happen in a supermarket near you :)

35 weeks and 6 days | Green goo and gin

Things that have happened so far today:

1. I have wiped green, liquefied snot from a nose other than my own. Two noses in fact.

2. I have had snot wiped on me — again not my own.

3. I have administered much Calpol. 

4. I have had food wiped in my hair. Green food. At least it matched the snot.

5. I have been wee’d on.

6. I have dealt with not one, not two but THREE poosplosions. These were, thankfully, not green.

7. I have been vommed on.

It is now 4 o’clock in the afternoon, so there is still a lot of today left!! Given the above list, I am just wondering what other things could possibly happen to me?

I am trying not to think about it too much.

Curses to this lurgy — my poor babies are both full of a cold and I don’t feel too great either — I think I am in need of a stiff gin already.



34 weeks and 2 days | Beware of the egg

What a crazy week.

Wednesday started off brilliantly. The health visitor came for a home visit — the first since The Twinkles were four months old — and I was so excited to find out how much they both weighed. Historically, there has always been a 5oz difference between them, Cosmo being slightly heavier than his older (by 30 seconds) brother.

We learned that Bertie has almost caught up and there is now only 2oz weight difference between the two. Plus they are doing really well on the premature centile growth charts… the graph is curving up really nicely and they are perfectly where they should be; not too big, not too small.

The health visitor was amazed at how well they were doing with their movement too… she thought that Cosmo was just days from crawling (she was right, because he’s almost perfected his ‘whale stranded on the beach’ technique and is now getting around the house at a great rate on knots!) but was astounded as he isn’t yet sitting up unaided. As I’m not inspecting different babies on a daily basis, my children’s progress seems totally normal, but she was pretty surprised. She said that it’s quite unusual to be crawling before sitting. Whatever. I’m sure it’ll happen at some point! I’ve never met an able-bodied adult that hasn’t mastered the art of ‘sitting up unaided’. Apart from when they’re blind drunk of course ;)

She watched them play in the Jumperoos and was really smitten by the way they interact with each other. It must be fairly uncommon, at most of her appointments, to see babies in fits of laughter but they gave her a really good show! Both babies were chatty and giggly and she left us with a huge grin on her face. I know that they would have been the talk of the office, that afternoon. I felt so proud to be their mama.

I had also been subtly changing their routine — just shifting everything by 15 minutes or so — and by Wednesday, they’d really got into the swing of things.

Our new routine is:

7-7.15am — wake and bottle feed | 7oz

8.30am — breakfast (solid food; fruity baby porridge from Boots is the current favourite!)

9.15am — back to bed

10.00am — wake and play

11.30am — lunch (solid food — no bottle)

12.15pm — back to bed

2-2.15pm — wake

3pm — bottle feed 6oz

4.15pm — back to bed

5.00pm — tea time (solid food)

5.45pm — wake (play or a bath a couple of times a week)

6.30pm — bottle feed | 4oz

7pm — bed


This is working so well. The extra 15 minutes awake is making all the difference and they are going down for a nap with no bother at all. Eventually the morning and late afternoon naps will peter out and we’ll just be left with the 2 hour sleep during the middle of the day. Part of me feels a little sad about their routine moving on again, as it means my baby boys are growing up. WAY TOO FAST!!!

But anyway. Back to last Wednesday; 6th November.

We were having such a lovely day — the sort of day when everything runs like clockwork — everyone was happy and everything was going swimmingly.

Until tea-time.

I made a scrambled-egg to give the boys for their supper. It was met with much pulling-of-faces; Bertie coughing a little and Cosmo grimacing at the texture.

They had just two spoonfuls each before I realised that Bertie’s lips were starting to swell. And swell. And swell…

…my baby boy was having a really bad allergic reaction to the egg!!!!

Cue me calling 999 — ’emergency which service do you require?’ — AMBULANCE PLEASE? My baby is having an allergic reaction!!!’

To cut a very long story short, a paramedic in a car came, plus an ambulance, both with sirens and blue lights a-blazing. They hooked Bertie up to the ECG monitor, did a heel prick test to check his blood sugar and concluded that he wasn’t, thankfully, going into anaphylactic shock. But due to the fact that he is under a year in age, they were unable to administer anything and we had to be taken into hospital for a consultant to have a look at him.

My boy and I were strapped to the gurney in the back of the ambulance and were chauffeured into Northampton General accompanied by the sirens and blue lights — with Daddy and Cosmo following behind in the car. Scary stuff. Made worse as I have pretty bad travel sickness. Let me tell you, lying down — facing backwards — in an ambulance, that is swinging round corners, on a mission to get it’s tiny passenger safely to the nearest hospital is not a great place to be when you have motion sickness. Bleurgh.

We got to A&E at Northampton and Bertie was given the once over by a paediatric consultant. She concluded that he IS allergic to egg no shit, really? and gave him an antihistamine to take the swelling down. After a 2 hour wait, we were all discharged. Not the best way to spend a Wednesday evening… I have certainly had better, that’s for sure.

Anyway. He’s since to the GP and has been booked in for immunology testing. I guess it’s a blessing that it happened this way. Better to find out in the way we did, than to be on holiday, for example — miles away from anywhere — with him going into anaphylactic shock. At least we’ll get a full breakdown on the severity of the allergy and possibly find out any other allergens that he reacts badly to.

We need a sign above the front door that reads ‘Abandon your eggs all ye who enter here’.

Shame. I love eggs…

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