37 weeks today! | Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat…

I’m not normally one for wishing my life away but I’m so glad we’re into another week!

Last week was a nightmare ‘challenging’ to say the least.

The whole of our little family was ill, for the first time since the babies have arrived. Following a couple weeks of sore throats and generally feeling rubbish, last Sunday was the worst day for me; I felt horrendous. Luckily, my lovely boy took over and I was left to sleep in past the babies breakfast time. Thankfully I think that did the trick, as I’ve been feeling better as the week’s been going on.

Bertie finally cut his first tooth last Thursday. Because he was ill, I didn’t even realise that his grumpiness was down to teething! I just assumed it was because he was feeling under the weather. And yesterday saw the eruption of his second tooth :)

Both my Twinkles have now got two little front teeth in the lower jaw.

Cosmo — not satisfied with crawling — has already started to pull himself up, on the furniture, to get a better look at things he’s interested in. He’s still not sitting up completely unaided, so I think it’s incredible that he’s well on the way to walking already — such a scary prospect! The health visitor, who came to check them the other week, said that it was fairly unusual for a baby to crawl before sitting up by themselves. I can’t believe that for a second as I have two that are doing it. I think it must be fairly common.

I got an email from Not On The High Street on Monday, telling me that there’s 5 weeks to go until Christmas and I’ve got to make sure my products and my storefront is all up to date!! I was grateful for the alert — not so much for the sale of my products etc — but the fact that I haven’t started any of my own Christmas shopping! Unbelievable that Christmas is just around the corner again! This year has flown by.

It made me start thinking about presents and what we could buy for the babies, as this is their very first Christmas .

We know a couple who literally bought everything they could think of, the first year that their much longed for first baby arrived. It seemed like such a waste of money to me. I totally get that once this little person (or ‘people’ in our case) finally arrives, the urge to lavish them with gifts is very strong;  almost like making up for all the years that you were trying to conceive. But really?

An 8 month old baby is more interested in the wrapping paper — or the box — than the actual gift itself.

But equally we do want to give them more than a cardboard box and some bubble wrap!

I am buying a wooden Brio train-set off a friend. The proceeds go to charity — their local village pre-school — and the price was fair, so I figured that — whilst they’re a little young to enjoy it just yet — it would be a good investment for when they’re a bit older.

And I have seen these beautiful, personalised, books — a one-off, printed for each child — with a story featuring their own names. From what I understand,  each book is based on the little boy or girl who’s been lucky enough to receive it. The story begins by telling that the child has lost his/her name, so they go on a mission to find it; collecting letters from all sorts of creatures along the way, until finally they have their name back! The pictures look beautiful and the reviews look good too. This will be a great present. They LOVE storytime and this will be a great way of teaching them to spell their own names too. The perfect gift for them — and us too, as we will have fun reading the books to them.

But apart from that… I am struggling to think of anything more fun than a HUGE cardboard box and some wrapping paper :) The simple things are always the most fun after all!

What have other people bought for their babies first Christmas? Answers on a postcard, all suggestions gratefully received.


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