43 weeks | Freaky Friday on a Wednesday…

Amazing what a difference a few weeks can make.

Shortly after they were born, I was convinced I had the Twinkle’s personalities totally pegged.

And they have been pretty true to form for the last 9 months. But in the last few weeks, I have seen a gentle shift…

Historically, Cosmo has been the loud, volatile one. A bit like his mama.

Whilst Bertie has been fairly quiet and passive. A bit like his daddy. Except for the ‘quiet’ bit maybe.

But this week, I have literally seen a GIANT swing in personalities — almost like the film ‘Freaky Friday’.

Cosmo still looks like Cosmo but is SO gentle and sweet it’s almost like he’s been possessed by an angel. He gazes at me, for ages, with huge, dark, limpid eyes and strokes my face with such a soft touch. Don’t get me wrong, there are still elements of the ‘old’ Cosmonaut; he’s STILL a little bit a lot vocal and volatile, but that has been tempered by a really, sweet-natured little personality that’s begun to emerge.

Whilst Bertie…

WOW. Probably the most surprising transformation!! My sweet, gentle boy has suddenly found his inner lion!!! He is VERY vocal (albeit in a growlier, lower pitched voice than his brother) and absolutely kamikaze too. He will climb on/over/through anything in his way. This includes his twin/me/the cat/toys… and consequently he is covered in bruises (mostly on his head, as he tend to lead with this). He doesn’t seem to care either! If he hurts himself, he rarely cries, he just laughs. It’s a real eyeopener, I tell you. Shades of what’s to come possibly?!

He is quite aggressive too… if there’s something that’s not to his liking he will throw a tantrum; and if the object of his annoyance is in striking distance, he will bash it! Usually it’s my face — which isn’t so nice — but I’ve also seen him take a swipe at Cosmo, his toys, the sofa… it’s almost as though he’s been storing up all of the aggression — caused by things that have irritated (can babies get irritated?) him over the last 9 months — and is now letting rip! At first, I thought he was having a bad day and put this new aggression down to teething (after all, doesn’t everything seem to boil down to teething?). But as the weeks have gone on, it’s escalated. Cosmo was always quick to show his displeasure — usually by emitting a noise that only dogs (and dolphins) can hear — but has never appeared to be physically aggressive. But Bertie is very physical in showing his annoyance. Is this a phase?

One things for sure, as they get older, I am going to be surrounded by testosterone!! A lone woman in a houseful of men. Blimey.

Having said that, one woman — when she is hormonal — is enough. I am almost glad that I don’t share my house with any other girls!

One is almost quite enough thank you :)


Bertie-Bean (and Bunny)

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