46 weeks and 4 days | Me and Mine {January}

So although I’m a couple of days late and didn’t manage to write a diary entry last week, I’m finally getting around to posting our ‘Me and Mine’ pictures for January!

It’s been such a hectic month… a new year —full of promise— with the babies learning new tricks and skills on an almost daily basis.

January has seen them both learn to wave and last week  they added clapping to their repartee. Bertie was the one to instigate this; which pleased his godmother immensely, as he beat his brother to it for a change!

Also last week we had the arrival of another two teeth for Bertie — top front — and Cosmo has the front top right through, with the left almost pushing through the surface. Their faces are looking less babylike, with the appearance of their teeth. They hardly resemble the gummy little newborns that they were just a few months ago and are really starting to look like proper little boys. I can’t believe that in just two weeks my precious babies will be 11 months old. This has been the fastest year of my entire life.

It was my birthday last Saturday too — another year older and wiser? — and whilst it was a very low-key affair, bimbling about, not really ‘celebrating’ in the truest sense of the word, I was absolutely joyful. My heart was full, in silent celebration, of the fact that I was spending my first birthday as a mother.

With my three gorgeous boys; the very best present that I could have ever dared to dream of.

So in January,

The Twinkles Momma was loving…

 Having my very first birthday card that read ‘Happy Birthday Mummy’
 Losing the first stone of baby weight. Finally.
 My new iPad.
 The fact that my clothes were are starting to feel a bit looser.
 Silent Witness (gutted it’s finished now)

The Twinkles Daddy was loving…

 Having the Landrover back — and finally fixed — hurrah.
 Planning his veggie garden for this spring.
All the American Football coverage on the TV for the Superbowl.
 The anticipation of the 6 Nations.
 Starting back at work and having a stellar month (best since they started the business) :)

Bertie-Bean was loving…

Dropping Bunny out of the cot and getting mama to ‘rescue’ him. Again and Again.
 Clapping — especially when mama says ‘Pattacake’.
 Holding onto the sofa and cruising round.
 Dear Zoo.

Cosmo-Bear was loving…

 Waving and clapping.
 Mama brushing his teeth.
 Dropping Dogley out of the cot and getting mama to ‘rescue’ him. Again and Again.
 His mama. He’s been a bit of a mummy’s boy throughout January, which I have LOVED :)


dear beautiful

13 thoughts on “46 weeks and 4 days | Me and Mine {January}

  1. I am love, love, LOVING the matching flat caps. Amazing!
    And I know exactly what you mean about their faces seeming less babyish when their teeth come through. I hated my little man’s teeth so much when they first appeared because I felt like they had ruined his smile. But now I look back at gummy smile photos and can’t image him without them. x

    • Thanks so much Lucy :) It’s SO weird isn’t it? The tooth thing!! I thought it was just me… I feel much better knowing that you felt the same way about your little man’s teeth!! I was beginning to feel a bit mean about it!! X

  2. I love this so much!! The hats are fantastic!
    Well done with the weight loss, and the first ‘mummy’ card is so special isn’t it? I hope you had a fantastic birthday.
    We have a Landrover too, we seem to regularly have that ‘it’s finally fixed’ feeling. So many problems but a lovely car other than that xx

    • Thanks lovely Lauren :) I was over the moon about my first birthday card!! I’ve got mother’s day to look forward to next! That’s my next ‘first’. Yep — our Lanny has been playing up for MONTHS. And I have been carless and my boy has been stealing my car to go to work in every day! It’s a relief to have it back and working! Fingers crossed it continues!! :) X

    • Thanks so much Becky! The iPad was a combined birthday and Christmas money purchase, but could also be a treat to celebrate the weightloss :) Still got a long way to go on that front… another two stone to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight!!

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