58 weeks and 6 days | Me and Mine {April}

April has flown by. Every waking moment has been spent thinking about the Twinkle’s naming ceremony, in a couple of weeks time, and my mind is fully occupied with fleeting thoughts about marquees, flowers, food and other ways of making their special day … Continue reading

56 weeks and 3 days | Lucky thirteen – Siblings {April}

It was only after the babies had gone to bed this evening that I remembered what date it is… the 13th… the babies are 13 months old today. SHIT. QUICK!! Get the camera out!!! Cue Dickie and I leaping into action … Continue reading

55 weeks and 2 days | Tea and sympathy — plus great advice — from the doctor!

So after my last diary entry things have much improved, to say the least.

Both boys are almost back to normal and calm has resumed once more if you can call a house with twin babies ‘calm’.

The bug seems to have heeded my warning and has packed it’s bags and moved out.

Just as well really… after just over a week of it, I was starting to lose the plot.

Shortly after I’d written the last post, the doctor called to check how we were doing. She gave some great advice and was really generous with her time and support. She told me a couple of things, that I didn’t know, that I also thought were great bits of advice for any other mama in the same boat that I was in last week…

1. Use bicarbonate of soda to neutralise the smell of  vomit — who knew?! My GP is a veritable mine of knowledge!

2. Feed the babies little and often when they have sickness and diarrhoea; don’t starve them.

3. DO NOT stop giving the babies milk!

My mum had been adamant that you shouldn’t give milk to an infant — or anyone for that matter — who was being sick and I had argued that, when milk is their main source of nutrition, I thought that it was wrong to stop it altogether.

Our lovely GP has put this argument to rest, once and for all, as she said it’s imperative to continue with the milk feeds.

Reduce the volume, so their tummies aren’t being overfilled with too much liquid, but don’t stop them altogether. The reason for this is because humans have an enzyme in their stomach to break the milk proteins down… once you stop giving milk for any length of time, the enzymes will disappear — usually after 48 hours — then once you introduce milk feeds again, the baby’s stomach will struggle to break down the milk proteins until the enzymes are fully restored.

As a result, the side effect is diarrhoea. Which, as my doctor  pointed out, is a nightmare as you won’t be sure if your child still has a tummy bug or if this is just the effect of the stomach struggling with the proteins in the milk. Either way, it’s not a great scenario!

I love our health service.

Where else in the world do they get free, fabulous medical advice — and services — as we do in the UK?

I know that people moan about it but I don’t think they realise how lucky we are.

I heart the NHS.



54 weeks and 6 days | The house of germs — eviction notice

I am just about at the end of my tether.

It really takes a lot to break my spirit — or my sense of humour — but I feel that the mere dregs of my good nature are just about on their way out.

Given everything that I’ve been through over the last few years, my attitude towards the minor trials and tribulations of life has somewhat hardened. I approach things in a much more stoic way.

Plus smiling in the face of adversity gives you a huge feeling of empowerment and, after all, things will always get better.

But in the instance of this sickness bug, it’s been a week now — 7 days today in fact — and it doesn’t appear to be getting any better.

In fact, Bertie is unable to keep anything — even water — down today, so I’d go as far as to say that it’s actually getting worse.

I have finally succumbed and called the doctors surgery… since we’ve been a permanent fixture there over the last couple of weeks due to Cosmo’s eczema and Bertie’s recurring ear infection, I was trying to hold out as long as I could before calling them.

I am sitting here stressing about what will happen if he has to be hospitalised… the thought of him having to go on a drip (as nearly happened with my neighbour’s little boy, in the same situation) is filling my stomach with anxious knots and making my eyes well up at the very thought of it.

That said, if he continues to expel every morsel of food and liquid that is put into him, he will become really dehydrated and that’s exactly what will happen.

I love everything about being a mother but this inability to help my baby is getting me down. I feel really helpless and inadequate. I wish this bug would jog on and leave us all alone.


Dear Mr Sickness Bug,

I am serving you with an eviction notice.

You have 12 hours to collect your belongings and leave our home.

Do not stop to collect £200, do not pass go.


The Twinkles Momma