60 weeks and 5 days | 14 months old | Siblings {May}

The word of the week is ‘hectic’. This month has been utterly crazy and we’re only mid-way through — somebody please pass me the gin.

Everything has been geared towards this weekend for so long and now it’s almost upon us!

The Twinkles naming day is in four days time!!!

I feel possibly more excited than if it were Christmas!!

My boy and I have been sorting the caterers, a marquee, chairs, the ceremony wording, decorations, reams and reams of bunting (400ft of the stuff to be exact) and so much more… it has literally been like planning our wedding all over again.

Albeit, our wedding was nowhere near as large — or chaotic — to organise. We were married in a castle and most of the above was organised on our behalf; plus we had only 80 guests and no children were invited. The babies naming day is looking more like 150 — 100 adults and 50 children! Almost double!!

It’s so close now; our American friends are flying in from New York, tonight, and staying with us for a week. Our dear friend Scott is Cosmo’s godfather guidefather and we feel totally honoured that he and his family are making the trip, over the pond, so they can attend the ceremony on Saturday.

So busy doesn’t even come close!! We are both running at a 100 miles an hour; trying to get everything ready for a day we thought we’d never see, whilst managing two businesses and looking after our baby boys. Manic.

Amidst all of the chaos, this morning in bed, I realised that today is the 13th of the month. The babies are 14 months old today!!

I knew full well that there wouldn’t be time to take a decent photo later on, so this month’s ‘birthday’ pic was taken in our bed, shortly after they’d finished their morning milk!

Bless their sleepy little faces and bed-heads. They are so sweet. They literally take my breath away.

So these pics may not be the most well rehearsed, the best styled, have the best lighting… but they are a true reflection of what greets me every morning.

Absolutely, in the truest sense, a sight for sore eyes.

IMG_5907 copy


IMG_5892 copy





IMG_5903 copy

dear beautiful


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