80 weeks and 5 days | Me and Mine {September}

September has been a little quieter than other months of late. Still busy — friends coming and going, people to see, things to do — but we’ve also had a couple of weekends at home, which has been utterly gorgeous … Continue reading

79 weeks and 6 days | To a 40 something ‘new mum’…

I read an article the day before yesterday. It was one of those sponsored link things on Facebook — ‘you might find this interesting’, kind of thing — and I did find it interesting. And immensely irritating. It was a … Continue reading

78 weeks and 2 days | Happy 18 month birthday Twinkles! | Siblings {September}

Even though it’s not, today feels like a birthday day! It’s exactly 18 months since those two perfect packages of gorgeousness rocketed into our lives!! EIGHTEEN MONTHS!! A year and a half!! I can’t believe it. A sneaky time thief … Continue reading

78 weeks exactly | Please sir, can I have some more?

As I’ve mentioned before, Cosmo is such a chatterbox! He LOVES learning new words and practices his new vocabulary constantly. He carefully watches your face as you pronounce a word and tries — often successfully — to emulate it. Bertie, … Continue reading

77 weeks and 6 days | The Twinkles Naming Day Invites

So slightly later than anticipated — a whole 4 months later, in fact — I have finally finished writing one of the posts for the babies naming day! Better late than never, I suppose. I had had some great ideas for diary entries but … Continue reading