78 weeks exactly | Please sir, can I have some more?

As I’ve mentioned before, Cosmo is such a chatterbox! He LOVES learning new words and practices his new vocabulary constantly. He carefully watches your face as you pronounce a word and tries — often successfully — to emulate it.

Bertie, not so much.

He communicates perfectly and we all understand, pretty much, what he wants, most of the time. But he doesn’t use any words that are definable and uses a sequence of grunts or sounds, when he’s ‘talking’.

I have been a tiny bit worried about his speech. Not worried enough to feel as though it’s a problem, just yet, as I know that it’s quite common for twins to be late talkers.

Apparently it’s also common for twins to develop their own language and communicate just between themselves. But given the fact that Cosmo is learning new words on a daily basis and is happiest when he’s trying to ‘talk’ to me or his daddy, I have not been so worried about this.

I figured that Bertie was just biding his time. Taking it all in and eventually, he would begin to speak.

So today, at 78 weeks — just 2 days off his 18 month birthday — my first born (by 30 seconds) has finally said his first distinguishable word. In context.

I couldn’t believe my ears!! SO excited to hear that little voice!! A proper word coming out of that sweet baby face!!

We were having lunch and the boys had just had their first taste of Soreen Malt Loaf. This was a real treat; the Twinkles don’t eat a great deal of processed food. They don’t have fruit juice or many sweet things. They eat quite healthily and treats are generally in the form of raisins or the occasional Organix baby biscuit.

As you can imagine, the malt loaf went down very well and there was much smacking of lips and licking of fingers after they’d polished off their slices.

And that’s when he said it.

As clear as a bell. And unmistakable.




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