Thanks for stopping by this blog. My name is Caro and I am the voice behind the Twinkle Diaries. I live in Middle England with my 3 beautiful boys; the love of my life Dickie and our twin toddler sons.

I began to record my thoughts when I was 17 weeks pregnant. I wanted to start writing a diary, as a reminder to myself of just how far we have come. When my boy and I began trying for a family, I was in my early 30s — without a care in the world — and had no idea it was going to take almost 7 long years before we would meet our babies for the first time. This blog was an affirmation to myself that everything was going to be OK and my two cherished babies were real. I began to chart my progress, through pregnancy and then motherhood, just so I don’t forget a precious moment.

Thanks for joining me on my journey.

With love from,

Caro x


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Caro

    Glad we have found you and i gather you too are based in Northamptonshire. Sorry I should introduce myself, I am Karen Davidson and along with my identical twin sister Lindsey Civil run The Twins Gift Company – the home of inspired gifts for twins and their families. Next year we are organising a National Twin Day at Wicksteed Park and hope to attract 1000 twins to this inaugural event. We are planning to have seminars, games and an all round good time with twins of all ages from around the country. Would you be interested in attending the seminar and contributing by speaking to our guests about your own experiences. We are keen to make the seminars fun, informative and constructive covering all aspects of twins. Tamba will be attending, a specialist multiple birth midwife will share her knowledge and it would be great to have a Mum of twins share her experiences in a light hearted way. I do hope this is something you will consider. We are also having a set of twins take a Zumba class for everyone to join in and a representative of The Department of Twin Research.

    I look forward to hearing from you and maybe we can work together in advertising your blog on our website and social media pages.

    Kind regards


    • Hi Karen,

      Thanks so much for getting in touch! Your twin event sounds fabulous, although I think I’d perhaps be a little too nervous to address a big roomful of people on the ups and ups of being a twin mom! :\ When are you planning on holding the event?

      It’s SO nice to meet other sets of twins — and mothers of multiples! My husband and I feel like we’ve been let into a really exclusive club — it’s fantastic! :) My boys are non-identical and have just turned 7 months old — they are, unquestionably, the best thing since sliced bread and my lovely husband and I thank our lucky stars every day for them!!

      Your website sounds fab :) I am a stationery designer and would love to design a range of multiple related greetings cards for you to sell on your site, if that’s something you’d be interested in? I know that when I had the babies, back in March, a lot of friends and family said that they really struggled to find decent cards for twins. We received a lot of cards that had been carefully doctored by the sender… so instead of reading ‘congratulations on your baby boy’ there was an ‘s’ very carefully added to the end, in biro, so it read ‘boys’!! This made me chuckle!! We have a fair few with this amendment!!

      When I started writing my blog, it was very much for me to record the details of my pregnancy etc for my own benefit, but I’m so, so pleased that others have been reading and taking an interest in it! It would be fabulous to gain a little more exposure :)

      Hope to hear from you very soon.

      Caro x

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