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My twin pregnancy — 36 weeks

Darling Twinkles,

Well, well, well… today I am 36 weeks and 2 days pregnant and tomorrow — 13.03.2013 — will be your birthday and the day that your Daddy and I will meet you for the first time.

A bit of a shock to be honest… but now I’ve had a little bit of time to get my head around it, I am so ready to meet you both :)

We came to the hospital yesterday for our routine 36 week scan and consultant’s appointment and unbelievably it seems that you’ve only grown a tiny bit in the last 2 weeks and only weigh a couple more ounces since the last time we saw you. The weights on the ultrasound were 5lb 2oz and 5lb 3oz…

I can’t understand it as my bump certainly seems to have grown!! Either you have really stopped growing or it is human error… I can’t work out which, but I guess we’ll find out tomorrow either way.

My consultant was unhappy enough to want to admit me — a MASSIVE shock as we just weren’t expecting to hear that!! — so I have been in the hospital overnight and been regularly monitored to make sure that the babies heartbeats are strong, plus blood pressure and urine checks for me, along with two (pretty stingy!) injections, in the bum, to help the babies breathing along.

I have just met the anaesthetist who’ll be with us during the op tomorrow… she reckons that I’m second on the list and the c-section will take around an hour in total. My legs won’t work for around 4 hours, post-op, so that’s something to look forward to (not)!!! So… I am typing this diary entry from my hospital bed. I’m on a small ward with 3 other women, all of whom have been induced for natural labour, for one reason or another. One is a sweet Polish girl, who doesn’t speak much English, another is very quiet — seems really nice though — and has just been chatting to her mom and boyfriend all day and the last one is a vile, gobby, racist chav who has done nothing but complain really loudly about everything since she was bought up to the ward. She’s also full of a stinking cold and has spent all day coughing and sneezing her germs into the atmosphere. Nice. I find it incredible that people like her get by in life, to be honest. She’s been horrible to the midwives and has generally made herself a pain in the arse to everyone around her all day. Am hoping her labour starts ASAP so she’ll get taken down to the labour ward!!! I am sick of listening to her!!! Even my earplugs aren’t managing to block her out!! LOL! :)

So there we are. One journey is just about to come to an end; our struggle to have a family is going to reach its culmination tomorrow – all being well. And our new journey, as parents to twins, will begin.

Our unit of 2 is going to turn into a family of 4 and I cannot wait. Obviously there is going to be a lot of pain and a bit of time before this happens, but we’re SO close now. My beautiful Twinkles are so nearly here. My amazing babies who have been swimming inside me for the best part of 9 months. I love them more than words can say, yet I haven’t even met them, in person, yet.

Apologies if there are any errors in this last diary entry! My fat fingers are struggling to type on the iPhone keyboard!

This may be the last entry for a little while!! Until we manage to find our feet, I don’t think I am going to have time to write in my diary… but I will try and post our experiences just as soon as I can!

Until next time!

See you tomorrow Twinkles!!!!!!!!

All my love, your Momma xxxxxxxxxxxx

My twin pregnancy — 34 weeks

Hello Twinkle-Pinkles!

We had the 34 week scan on Monday – you had both grown another half a pound, making the pair of you just one ounce under a chunky 5lb each!!! Well done! Your momma is proud of you… KEEP GROWING!!!!

(Poor babies! If they grown much more, they will literally have no room whatsoever!!)

Each time we see them on the ultrasound now, we cannot believe how little space there is!! Just a mass of limbs and two little heads, side by side… utterly gorgeous! ♥

We went to a ‘raising twins’ seminar on Saturday, organised by Tamba (the Twin and Multiple Birth Association).

‘Seminar’ sounds a bit dry, but it was fantastic… really useful and interesting, I’m so glad we went. It only cost a fiver and was so much more useful than anything I’ve read in a magazine or book.

Having advice from real parent’s of twins is invaluable. All of my friends have children and have been really generous with their advice but you suddenly realise — when you speak to parents of multiples — that most of the advice from parents of singletons (albeit very well-meaning) is totally irrelevant. There seems to be such a different way of doing EVERYTHING when you have more that one baby at a time. I’m looking forward to trying out my new knowledge when they arrive… not long to wait now either!! The babies are due three weeks today!! THREE WEEKS TODAY!!!!!! I still almost can’t believe that it’s really happening.

We’ve waited SO long to be parents and have had so many troubles and heartbreaks along the way; I had almost given up hope.  And now we are less than a month away from meeting our little friends for life.

It was funny at the seminar!! The lady who, was facilitating, asked if everyone had everything sorted and had bought their buggies and car seats etc… I was the furthest along in my pregnancy, but we were the ONLY ones who had not bought ours!! OOPS. Everyone else was nodding sagely and looking smug that they (by the looks of it) not only had their travel systems sorted but a beautifully decorated nursery brimming with everything you could possibly need for two newborn babies too!! Our poor babies don’t have a proper room yet! My office is nearly a nursery though now… if you ignore the desk, computer and battle-ship sized printer that’s standing in the middle of the room!! My boy painted it last weekend and we started to hang the wallpaper too…  didn’t finish, mind you, as we were short by one roll (one roll!! Arrrghh) but the sentiment was there! This weekend is full on action stations and ‘OPERATION NURSERY’ will begin tomorrow morning. Hopefully by, this time, next week the Twinkles will have a room to call their own!

Til next time xxx

My twin pregnancy — 22 weeks

Hello twinkletastics,

You’ve been really busy over the last week or so :) I’ve felt much more movement than before!

Infact, last night when your daddy put his hand on my belly to see if he could feel you, we both felt — and saw — a MASSIVE kick!!! Not butterflies, but a proper ‘get off me’ nudge!! Love it.

We’ve had such a lovely weekend… went and stayed with our best man and best Laydee on Friday night; we haven’t seen them for so long, so it was gorgeous to catch up and spend a bit of time together. Laydee gave me a whole box of maternity clothes… it felt like Christmas had come early! I’ve been going through it all today and, to be honest, most of it does not fit me but I now have two more pairs of jeans — that fit an absolute treat — which is the best thing that I could have been given!! There are a few tops that I can wear too, so I’m feeling very smart indeed!

We spent the rest of the weekend at my parent-in-law’s house… lots of the family came to stay and we had Christmas Round One! As Dickie’s bother and family live in Yorkshire, we often have a separate Christmas with them. This was a little earlier than usual, but still felt really festive and I felt very proud showing my newly cultivated bump off to everybody!

We also stopped by Mothercare and I was measured for my first maternity bras! A little like being measured for ‘your very first’ bra, but less embarrassing!! It was an utter relief to try on something that supported my boobs instead of pushing them skyward or cutting them in half! The feeling was very like putting your slippers on after wearing heels all day. Heaven!

Whilst we were there, I also bought a pillow wedge to put under my bump at night. I’ve only used it for the last two nights, so I don’t know whether it was a fluke, but last night I didn’t need to get up and go for a pee in the middle of the night once! The first time I woke properly was 7.30am this morning. THAT is quite miraculous as I have been quite uncomfortable recently and get up and go to the bathroom simply as an excuse to move about! The other night, I had so much trapped wind at 4am I ended up doing Pilates on the bathroom floor… this wedge pillow is a godsend if it manages to stop all of that!

One more week to go until the 24 week scan. It’s next Monday, when technically I’ll only be 23 weeks and 5 days. I am feeling nervous about the cervix length as I keep reading blogs and forums where women have been put onto bed-rest due to a shortened cervix. I think mine was only 3cm at the 20 week scan, which seems to be quite short if any of these women are anything to go by.

The internet is an amazing resource but, for a lot of pregnancy related topics, it can be a nightmare… there are so many people adding their own, personal wisdom that it’s difficult to tell what information is proper, medical stuff or just from someone’s own experience. I think that the best ting to do is just wait and see what the consultant has to say next Monday!!

Speak soon X