98 weeks and 3 days | Me and Mine {November}

What a crayzeeee month. To (very nearly) top off a totally crazy year. November has seen some pretty spectacular things happening in our household. • It was my best girlfriend’s 40th birthday • We’ve celebrated my mother and father in-law’s … Continue reading

78 weeks exactly | Please sir, can I have some more?

As I’ve mentioned before, Cosmo is such a chatterbox! He LOVES learning new words and practices his new vocabulary constantly. He carefully watches your face as you pronounce a word and tries — often successfully — to emulate it. Bertie, … Continue reading

77 weeks and 6 days | The Twinkles Naming Day Invites

So slightly later than anticipated — a whole 4 months later, in fact — I have finally finished writing one of the posts for the babies naming day! Better late than never, I suppose. I had had some great ideas for diary entries but … Continue reading

76 weeks and 3 days | Me and Mine {August}

This months ‘Me and Mine photos will certainly be some of the most memorable in years to come. This August — having been to SO many festivals as a couple — we took our children for the very first time. Many would balk at the idea of … Continue reading

54 weeks and 3 days | My first mother’s day and all those thereafter…

Well, well, well… Today is Mother’s Day — and not just any old Mother’s Day — it’s my very first Mother’s Day. A day that I have been looking forward to for the last, ooh, eight years or so..? A … Continue reading

52 weeks today | Happy, happy, first birthday my darling Twinkles! – Siblings {March}

Dear Twinkles, For the last few days I have been reminiscing. Not really living in the moment, I’ve literally been remembering what I was doing — in finite detail — a year ago. ‘Ooh! Just think… This time last year … Continue reading

50 weeks and 2 days | Me and Mine {February}

This month has whizzed by. Tomorrow is March and in less than two weeks my baby boys will be a year old. The pics for this months ‘Me and Mine’ were taken on a very cold, very sunny, day in … Continue reading

50 Weeks and 1 day | Egg Gate Part Deux

After the ‘Egg Gate‘ episode happened, we had been quickly referred for an appointment at Birmingham City Hospital for Bertie’s immunology testing. Odd — seeing as Leicester (which is closer) has a reportedly amazing immunology department — but hey, we … Continue reading

48 weeks and 1 day | 11 months old today – Siblings {February}

I cannot believe that in one month’s time my baby boys will be one year old! Today marks their 11 month anniversary; a full 11 months of parenthood. Cuddles, storytimes and love, with our very own children. And this last … Continue reading